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Garden Cart Handle Replacement

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Garden Cart Handle Replacement Walmart

This is a Cart Handle that offers been lost or damaged, we replacing it with a brand new Handle that is manufactured of durable materials and high quality. It will help the muscle carts move more easily and look beneficial do so, this is a Garden Cart Handle replacement. It includes the borer hole and the like, the old Handle had a small hole in it, and the new one is just a little larger. It's still a little loose, but the Handle is now very securely fixed, the Handle gives 2 holes, and the black plastic. It is a little old, and not levelly resistent, we need a new Handle for it, and we can't find any like this anymore. So we make a new one, we have different types of muscle carts so we can only offer the blue model. The Handle is not blue but the metal is, this is a must have for any muscle cart.