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Garden Tractor Pulling Wheelie Bars

This new Wheelie bar is a first-rate solution for individuals who ache to pull a cub, with 5 wheels and a billet design, this bar is sure to make Pulling your gardening tasks a whole lot easier.

Best Garden Tractor Pulling Wheelie Bars

This is a top-rated substitute to help keep your Wheelie bar moving and protect it from damage, the bar is new and is billet with 5 wheels. It is a valuable addition to your Garden tractor, the cub cadet Pulling Wheelie Bars are new and unique Pulling bar system that is dandy for shoppers digging to pull a weight or do a variety of tasks around the garden. The Bars are billet aluminum and feature 5 wheels that make it basic to move the bar around, additionally, the bar is decorated with a cadet logo . The new Wheelie bar kit is a top-of-the-heap surrogate to help keep your Garden Tractor Pulling without ever having to take off the ota, this bar is cut from the right angle, and provides superior strength and stability. It's also built to order, so it takes only a few weeks of pre-production manufacturing time to come to your address, the Garden tariff bar kit civilian can pull a new Wheelie bar for free under the table. This bar is fabricated with 5 billet cub cadet Pulling cubes and is age 5+, it comes with the billet wheels, puller handle, and red anodized aluminum. This puller will do just about anything you need for your garden, it is an exceptional tool for someone scouring to get into Pulling their own Garden tractor.