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Kneeling Soldier Garden Statue

This figural k Kneeling Soldier is a beautiful addition to garden, the 8-inch tall stone Garden Statue is uncomplicated to care for and looks splendid with any decor. This product is further popular with customers for its affordable price.

Kneeling Soldier Garden Statue Walmart

This is an unrivaled Kneeling Soldier Garden Statue to add to your garden, the Kneeling Soldier is depicted in a pose with his sword sheath and bagpipes, date of creation: 18 th century. This is fabricated of resin stone and is 8" tall by 6" width, and renders a heart-shaped face, this metal art Statue of a Kneeling Soldier is excellent for any outdoor Garden or home décor. The Statue is produced of high quality metal and it is sure to add some personality to each area of your home, this Statue is a first-rate addition to Garden or home décor. This Kneeling Soldier Garden Statue is unrivalled for your yard, outside cushioned to give a modern touch to each garden, made from durable rubber material it with a cool negro-era style design. If you want to create a statement of your own this is a first-class piece to make, and would be top grade for any outdoor lawn or yard. The Statue is produced from durable plastic and is time-lasting, making it ideal for long-term use.