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Olivia Garden Dragon Shears

Looking for a new, delicious and killing? Olivia Garden Dragon shears! These Shears are first-class for the heavier, cutting workloads;) the Dragon helps guide and keep your scissors in control;) and if you run into a difficult problem, don't hesitate to reach out to the team;) these Shears are must-have for any shear need.

Olivia Garden Dragon Shears Amazon

This is an amazing Olivia Garden Dragon Shears that can be used for shearing or purifying applications, the Shears have 6. 28 inches of density and have a black anodized aluminum blade, they are equipped with a claw guard and a safety shut off. The sheers also come with a design that is practical for Garden shearing, the Olivia Garden Dragon Shears are unequaled for any shearing need! With their chunky body and six-inch shank, these Shears are strong and efficient. Plus, the ergonomic design makes it uncomplicated to use, while the comfortable hand handle makes it basic to manage, these Shears are sure to cut through goat shearing materials quickly and easily. With their 5, 5 inches of durable and sturdy steel, you'll be able to cut through materials with ease. Additionally, the soft green and black fabric they are made from, makes them a beneficial addition to your Garden or home attached.