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Over The Garden Wall Fred

This 1910 pears soap is a terrific find! We desire The Over The Garden Wall Fred morgan artwork and The smell of pears makes it feel sweet, so why not buy it.

Best Over The Garden Wall Fred

This is an estate purchase from 1910 Over The Garden Wall litho wood framed estate, it measures 20" x 20" and is signed by Fred morgan. This Over The Garden Wall tin container is practical for hiding things from curious kids or parents, it's made in england and is basic to put together. It offers a lid to keep things secret and a clean look, this Over The Garden Wall is an 1922 framed picture by Fred morgan. It is an 27, 25 inch wide x 21 inch high picture. It is used for a photo interesting between two people, this is an unequaled keepsake poster for Over The Garden wall. It features genuine vintage pears soap prints, The poster is in good condition and offers a bit of damage but it is still a terrific addition to home or garden.