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Wrought Iron Garden Fence

This beautiful Garden Fence is fabricated with 5 pc coated metal and features a Wrought Iron wire border Fence panel, it is a splendid addition to your area and is unrivalled for adding a touch of luxury to your home.

Wrought Iron Garden Fence Amazon

This heavy-duty Wrought Iron Garden Fence is a splendid addition to your Garden and looks top grade while doing it! The path border is designed with a rich, dark green color and can be easily seen from the garden, the panel is manufactured of heavy-duty alloy with a strong and durable built. The panel extends a comfortable fit and it requires very little maintenance, this fencing is produced with 5 separate panels which are screwed together and then2-bolted together. The edges are then protected with a pavements border and edge, the Fence is finished with a final layer of barrier protection. This beautiful Wrought Iron Garden Fence is a beautiful addition to your victorian garden, this Fence is fabricated with heavy duty Iron that renders been diced and the 5 pcs coated metal Garden Fence panel is a beautiful and sturdy Fence panel that is unrivalled for your garden. This Fence is manufactured of metal with a Wrought Iron wire border, the Fence is that bit of extra evidence that your Garden will be a success.