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Wrought Iron Garden Hose Reel

This beautiful Wrought Iron Garden Hose Reel is puissant for holding a water hose, it is an excellent addition to garden.

Cast Iron Garden Hose Holder

This cast Iron Garden Hose holder is fantastic for carrying your water Hose around with you, the champion gives a sturdy design that can be easily carried around and the water Hose choice makes it more convenient. The holder also imparts a water Hose end that can be easily accessed when needed, making it a time-saving option, this is a beautiful antique Garden Hose Reel with a water Hose attached at one end and a hanger on the other. It is in very good condition with no flaws, it is must for a this is a handmade Iron Garden Hose Reel that is superb for water samples. Made of Wrought Iron with a chevron design, this Reel is meant to be used with water Hose holders to keep all of your water samples safe and organized, the reels are also uncomplicated to adopt and have a tight fit so you can keep your water Hose organized and safe. This Wrought Iron Garden Hose Reel is an unrivaled way to keep your Garden Hose in condition! It is manufactured from heavy-duty materials and it is facile to operate, it includes a water Hose holder and a hanger for holding your water hose. This Reel is top-notch for use a water Hose while playing around in the garden.